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Going through family-related legal issues can be a difficult and heart-wrenching experience. It is stressful enough to deal with the emotional aspects of these types of cases, in addition to also having to deal with the technical and legal aspects. A qualified divorce and family law attorney can help you take some of the burden off your shoulders by walking you through the legal process and helping you ensure that your best interests (and the best interests of your family) are being protected. At Richard Ross Associates, we have a Valencia divorce lawyer, Richard Ross, who has been certified as a family law specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization. This certification indicates that an attorney has reached high levels of knowledge and experience in this field and has been tested and reviewed by his or her professional peers. Attorney Ross offers clients more than 30 years of legal experience!

Guiding You Through Divorce and Other Family Matters

At Richard Ross Associates, we assist individuals with various types of divorce. We help those who are undergoing divorce through collaborative law (meaning they are working together outside of the court system), and we also help those who need to go through contentious divorce litigation. In your divorce, we can work with you to protect your rights and your best interests as you work through matters such as child custody, child support, property division, spousal support and more. Besides divorcing couples, others who also tend to need assistance with these issues include married couples who are getting legal separations, those who are trying to dissolve domestic partnership and individuals who have already divorced.

Are you trying to obtain guardianship of a child who is not receiving sufficient care from his or her biological parents? We may be able to help you prove to the court that granting you custody would be in the child's best interests. Our firm can also provide legal support in many other types of matters, such as those involving paternity issues, stepparent adoption, annulments, prenuptial agreements and more.

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