How Do I Modify a Child Support Order in California?

Westlake Village Child Support Lawyer: Modifications

The formula for calculating the amount of child support in California is fairly complicated. To facilitate the calculation, the Department of Child Services provides a calculator guide which is used to help determine a fair support amount that is adequate to meet the needs of the children, measured against the income of each parent. When requesting a child support modification previously issued by the court, you will be required to show that there has been a significant change in circumstances to support your request for the modification of child support. The Westlake Village child support lawyer from our firm, Richard Ross Associates, can help you navigate this process so that the judge will clearly see your position, and make it far more likely that he or she will agree to modify a child support order.

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The judge is not strictly bound by these calculations, however, and has the final authority to set the amount. The skills and ability to present your case persuasively are extremely important to the outcome of a request to modify a child support order. You will need an experienced child support attorney to help you clearly state your case, and present the issue professionally so that you have a better chance of success.

This modification can be created on a voluntary basis (called a stipulated agreement) if both parents are in agreement. It is advised that you have help from our family law attorney to assist you in seeking an approval for a modification of a child support order in Family Court. The original order will stand in any dispute if the new agreement is not approved and issued by the court.

There are many circumstances that could require a modification, including change in employment, changing needs of the child or children, such as education, an illness or other situation. Reduced income, a remarriage and the birth of a child are all circumstances that could impact child support payments.

It is often the case that the parents may not agree on to a modification and it is vital that you retain the services of an attorney that knows how to get results in child support modifications. Contact us today so that we can help you move forward with your request to the court.