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An Easier Way to End Your Marriage

It is a common misconception that with every divorce, courtrooms dissolve into battlegrounds, where lines are drawn, and the two parties volley litigation back and forth. While divorce is rarely a painless process, an uncontested divorce offers a way out of a marriage that is much more amicable and significantly less time-consuming than the alternative.

An uncontested divorce may be right for you if you and your spouse agree on the crucial points of ending your marriage, including property and asset division, spousal support, and parenting roles such as custody and visitation. Even when both spouses are in agreement, it is important to have a legal professional involved in the divorce proceedings to ensure that what you and your spouse have discussed and agreed upon is consistent with state and local laws. Additionally, when you retain legal counsel, you will be assisted in writing the actual divorce agreement. At Richard Ross, we offer the services of our divorce attorney who is a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Thousand Oaks

It is never a good idea to attempt to resolve a divorce alone. Even in an uncontested divorce, the involvement of an experienced legal professional is crucial to make sure that everything happens legally and is in compliance with state law, to avoid undue delays. An attorney can also help to make sure that your rights are protected under the agreement you have made with your spouse, and to assist in ironing out any conflicts that may crop up along the way. Please note that an uncontested divorce is not always the right option and an attorney has the knowledge and insight to help flush out your legal options.

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A contested divorce may be better suited for your needs if you doubt that you and your spouse will be able to reach a compromise, if you have a large estate or complicated legal issues, or if you have been the victim of domestic violence. In any of these cases, a qualified attorney from Richard Ross Associates can help you decide what the best course of action might be for you.

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