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Looking to obtain custody of a child who is not your own?

The California Courts define guardianship as a court order that designates someone other than the child's parent to have custody of the child, manage the child's property or "estate," or both. Guardianship is common in cases where the child's birth or blood parents are incapable of caring for the child financially, physically, and / or emotionally. Examples include cases of domestic abuse, drug abuse, mental disorders, imprisonment, rehabilitation, or military deployment of the child's parent(s). Anyone may be granted guardianship, although it is most commonly granted to a close relative or family friend who has a strong relationship with the child.

Guardianship is not to be confused with adoption - although the guardian has the right to make legal decisions for the child and has custody, the child's parent(s) still have rights to reasonable contact with their child. The court can also cancel guardianship at any time and return the child to the custody of their parent or parents. Until that time, the guardian has the responsibility of caring for the child's physical, educational, financial, and emotional needs.

How to Obtain Guardianship in California

Guardianship is granted through a court order, which means that you will need to file a Petition for Appointment of Guarding of the Person with California's family law court and proceed through a number of legal steps and hearings in order to awarded guardianship. This can be a difficult and lengthy process if the child's parent or parents are in denial or are unwilling to relinquish custody. Even if they are compliant with your petition, you still need the assistance and representation of a Westlake Village divorce attorney to help you obtain custody of a child that is not your own.

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