Thousand Oaks Legal Separation Attorney

Is a legal separation an option?

There can be many reasons two spouses decide they cannot function well as a couple anymore, but are not ready to take the final step of divorce. Sometimes they need to have time apart in order to sort through issues. Other times, a couple wants to "try out" how a divorce would actually work by trying a legal separation first. Whatever the case, it's best to consult with a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney who can help you. Our firm, Richard Ross Associates, has over 30 years of experience guiding individuals who are in the middle of a very trying and emotional time. With our help, you can more smoothly initiate a legal separation, divorce, child custody issues and more.

A legal separation can be very much like a divorce, except that the terms that are approved by a court are not permanent. The spouses have court approval to live apart while adhering to the various stipulations laid out in the legal agreement. For example, one spouse may request a restraining order against the other spouse, or one party can request a court order for the other party to pay alimony during the legal separation. This could not occur if the couple simply decided to live apart for a while. There would be no legal authority to require and enforce such terms.

Westlake Village Lawyer Helps with Legal Separation

If you have never been through a divorce or legal separation before, you probably have many questions. We provide compassionate, individual service for every client, answering all of your questions and providing viable options for you to consider. You can trust that you will understand the legal separation process every step of the way. Contact us today for quality and caring representation.