Thousand Oaks Paternity Lawyer

What is paternity?

Family law issues that involve children can become problematic when paternity has not been established. Paternity means that the father has been identified and legally established as eligible for fathers' rights in all family law matters. This is particularly important in case of divorce. When paternity has not been established and a divorce proceeding is commenced, the father of any children involved could be denied custody, child support, or visitation rights simply because paternity was not established.

Paternity can be established in more ways than one. First of all, it can be established at the time of birth when the mother and father obtain and sign the birth certificate for the child. It can also be established after a child's birth by amending a birth certificate or by filing a Declaration of Paternity. This document can be filed by a father who wants to establish paternity and obtain custody or visitation rights, or by a mother who wants to establish paternity and obtain a support order. Consult with a Westlake Village divorce attorney from Richard Ross Associates today to learn more about paternity and how we can help you establish paternity to ensure that you are treated fairly in a divorce proceeding.

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