Richard Ross Associates has been dedicated to excellent client care and case results for many years. Attorney Richard Ross has practiced law for over 30 years and is a Board Certified family Law Specialist with the California Board of Legal Specialization, which is only granted to those attorneys who undergo rigorous testing and peer review. As a result of our dedication to legal excellence, clients have submitted glowing reviews of our firm, our service, and our success. Read through the testimonials we have provided below to see what many of our past clients have said about our service and how we handled their divorce cases. We then encourage you to take advantage of a case evaluation with a Westlake Village divorce lawyer from our firm. We would love nothing more than to review your case and help you make an educated decision regarding your legal representation. In addition to Westlake Village, we also serve Thousand Oaks and parts of Ventura County. Contact us to learn more!

Richard was referred to me by a family member that had outstanding results with him. Prior to hiring Richard Ross I had struggled in court with a different lawyer. Whenever things didn't go my way in court my ex-lawyer always blamed it on the legal system being bias towards mothers even thought I believed I was in the right on many occasions. Then I hired Richard and everything changed! Right from the beginning starting with the Request for Orders, Richard suggest that his other associate Naomi, write up the declaration. After reading what she wrote I knew I was in good hands. She did a beautiful job with the wording and describing my concerns to court with the right amount of urgency. I've been to court for 3 different matters with Richard and the judge ruled for us on all occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable and outmatched opposing council each time. We had to have two evidentiary hearings and Richard was able to ask the right questions to paint a perfect picture to reveal the situation. I want to personally thank Richard, Naomi and the rest of his staff for all the hard work and achieving the results I was looking for. Words cannot describe how highly I recommend this firm. For all the fathers out there that think the legal system is unfair towards us. There is hope, hire Richard and get the results your been looking for.

-Josh F.

Richard Ross was the answer to all of my legal needs! If you want a PIT-BULL of a lawyer fighting for you, then you hire Richard Ross. He is extremely skillful, witty, and brilliant in the courtroom. He makes you feel very comfortable about your case and doesn't give off that sleazy, "I'm in it for the money" feeling that some lawyers give you. He goes into every case like he has something to prove, and he proved it well to me in my case. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family. Thank you Richard!!!

-Karrie S.

Richard Ross represented me in my divorce. He was great. The Judge gave us EVERYTHING we asked. Richard always was there. My ex was challenging my custody and she did not get what she wanted. Thank you Richard. I can be with my kids now.

-Charles A.

My divorce has been more than tough. Richard has and continues to handle every aspect of it professionally with class but most of all with knowledge. All the things Richard has done are too numerous to put in this short testimonial. What I can say is that Richard has given me back my life and a chance at a new start. To Richard, Denise, Alyssa and Tyrrell... I thank you all so VERY much.

-Darrylin Daniels

I've used Richard Ross Associates and was so happy with the outcome. His skills to help negotiate outside the courtroom was unbelievable. Before I met him, I thought for sure it would be a difficult case. He defended my side but was able to find common ground with what we both wanted and was able to get me what I needed from the case. You will always get great service and the people that work for Richard really do care and do their best.

-Matt N.

Professional, reliable, honest are a few words that come to mind when reviewing RRA. When in need of a caring Family Law attorney call the best, Richard Ross Associates.

-Karen S.

I have never known a legal team quite like Richard Ross Associates. They make you feel so comfortable and help you work through your family law matters with ease. There are so many people that don't get along with their attorney, but I can tell you this is never the case with Richard Ross. What a fantastic group.
-Nick B.

Mr. Ross is a very experienced attorney and showed great professionalism. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. His knowledge is comforting.

-Valerie G.

Richard Ross is one of the best law firms in Westlake Village. I needed legal advice for child support and he was able to provide me with excellent advice and customer service. Needless to say I was able to win my case. Thank you Richard.

-Chelda H.

Richard Ross is extremely thorough and professional. He knows how to present your case to make his point. He and his staff are friendly and personable. He has helped me through a very difficult divorce and I can't say enough good things about him.

-Caly W.

Richard Ross is extremely thorough and professional. He knows how to present your case to make his point. He and his staff are friendly and personable. He has helped me through a very difficult time and I can't say enough good things about him and his team, they really go out of their way to help you understand the process.

-Alen K.

Richard Ross is a subject matter expert in the field of family law. He successfully fought for my right against one of the most notorious and highest paid attorney's in LA/Ventura. Richard was able to manage his associates to handle the paper work to reduce my overall costs. It was always Richard who showed up at court. He is well respected and connected within the courts and brought my case to a timely resolution. His partnering attorney Marina is also extremely intelligent and convincing. His staff is polite, caring, and quick to respond. He is also very up to date on current case law and he is personally tech savvy when it comes to presenting information, which is hard to find among attorney's that have been in practice so long.

- GG

He made my dream to be able to live with my daughter come true.

Ten years ago, with different attorneys, I lost my custody case. My time with my daughter was limited to summers. About two years ago, during my daughter's summer visitation, four days before she had to return to her father, she suddenly broke down in tears and fears, and begged me to not send her back to her father, because he treated her cruelly. After I heard her story, it broke my heart deeply and I promised her I would not allow anyone to harm her as long as I live. I interviewed over five law firms. They all told me that my case was too complicated and the duration of time was too short for an Ex-Parte, and they could not help me. I almost gave up hope, when a friend phoned me and referred me to Richard Ross Associates. I called right away and spoke to one of the associate attorneys. He accepted my case with confidence. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about my custody case. He helped me patiently on my case and treated me with respect. Soon I met the rest of the Richard Ross Associates staff who were all very friendly and knowledgeable. They were like friends to me. It didn't take too long before we won the case and I was awarded primary custody of my daughter. Thanks to Richard Ross Associates. They made my dream to be able to live with my daughter come true.

I would refer Richard Ross Associates to anyone, friends and family in need of legal representation.

- Maggie Burns

I hired the law firm of Richard Ross Associates in April 2001 to help me retain custody of my teenage son, and prevent him from being returned to his father in the State of Florida. I feared for the safety of my child if he was returned to his father. My situation involved an extremely complicated interstate jurisdictional custody dispute controlled by a body of law known as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdictional Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). Acting on my behalf, Richard Ross Associates had to wrest control by another state over the issue of custody and support, while the other parent was still residing in that state and had retained sole legal and physical custody of the minor child for a number of years. UCCJEA case law was not favorable to my case.

Despite many obstacles along the way, this firm stuck with my case even when at times due to my frustration, I wanted to give up on it. They took a case where there was no way of anticipating the outcome, due to the complex legal issues involved and absence of favorable case law, and persevered until they got the job done. This was despite having to deal a client who was at times difficult and emotional. Richard Ross Associates restored my faith in the kindness of human nature, and they kept on going whereas other firms might have given up. They have given me the one thing I wanted and had been too afraid to fight for over many years and that was, custody of my son. The case was completed within seven months, a record time, considering they had to deal with two states and two court systems. I highly recommend Richard Ross Associates to get the job done.

Nancy McLouth

Please thank everyone in your office for taking the time with me to explain the legal process that is involved with the dissolution of a marriage. I must admit that I felt very apprehensive in meeting with an attorney and although I left feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost; that was more a product of the subject matter. Everything was explained to me in reasonable detail and with a great deal of understanding and empathy.

I will definitely be in contact with you if I make a determination to move forward in this process.

Thank you so much!


Since Richard Ross specializes in move-away cases, I knew I would benefit from their expertise.

Richard Ross and his team preserved my rights as a parent and won my joint legal and physical custody of my kids. More importantly, the judgment specifically forbids my ex-wife from re-locating the kids out of Ventura County and out of the State of California. My ex-wife and I re-located here to Southern California from a large mid-western city. About a year and a half after giving birth to our second child, she became dissatisfied with living in Southern California. Our marriage began to disintegrate, to the extent that she falsely accused me of crimes that placed my parental rights in jeopardy. She made these false claims thinking that she would be granted sole legal and physical custody of the kids, thereby giving her the legal right to take my kids away from me. Richard Ross represented me successfully through a full evidentiary trial hearing.

With Richard Ross Associates' expertise, I was granted joint legal and joint physical custody of the kids, and my ex wife was prohibited from taking them out of State without my permission. In addition, the court reserved the right to amend the custody arrangement in my favor should she decide that she wants to leave the state without the kids.

Throughout this ordeal, the staff at Richard Ross Associates was tremendously professional and sympathetic. They displayed a genuine concern for my case, and more importantly, made it clear that they would do everything possible within their powers to preserve my rights as a parent. They made me feel like they really care about my case, my kids, and me.

- P.A.J.

I have known Richard Ross, CLFS, for a few years and have retained his legal services on two separate occasions.

While there is some limitation to my financial means, nonetheless, I was in need of quality legal assistance…this I obtained from Richard. He has taken appropriate actions when events, circumstances, and information come to a confluence. Notably, Richard did not "nickel and dime" me with respect to his billings.

I have been impressed by his perceptiveness regarding what the legal process or attorneys will do before it happens. Frequently, events unfolded as he predicted. Accordingly, strategies recommended and pursued by Richard worked in my favor. It is clear to me that I have fared better through his methods of adapting legal proceedings to my specific situation. My desired results were attained.

I know there were times when my anxiety over specific events seemed to get the better of me. Richard has always acted professionally regardless of the situation and effectively handled what was required. He is down-to-earth.

I would not hesitate to, again, retain the legal services of Richard Ross and heartily recommend him to anybody in need of a well qualified, results-oriented, family law specialist.

- Richard C. Mele

My family suffered for years under a harsh custody and visitation order. After taking both a financial and spiritual beating, I had given up hope. Nearing my breaking point, I called several law firms, looking for help of any kind. Assuring me, "you don't have to live like this", Richard Ross Associates come riding in like the cavalry. Mr. Ross and his supportive, competent staff put their hearts into their work, and literally turned our lives around. Our family, and our dignity, has been restored. To say the Family Court highly respects Richard Ross Associates is an understatement. Thank you, all of you….for delivering as you said you would.

- Charles Crews & family

I was going through an extremely difficult time with the break-up of my marriage and my deep concerns for the welfare of my two children in October 2000 when I hired Richard Ross Associates. I felt that my children were not being properly cared for when they were with my wife. Going through a divorce and a child custody battle was emotionally draining. The entire staff at Richard Ross Associates really helped me through it. They were with me the whole way.

Following the court custody mediation, the Court Mediator's recommendation favored giving custody to my wife. Persevering on my behalf in spite of the Mediator's recommendation, I prevailed. The judge awarded me 100% custody of both of my children. The results far exceeded my expectations.

The law firm explained the process to me very well and was very responsive to my phone calls and to my needs. My options were presented to me and they helped me make the right decisions.

I liked their advertisement and when I called, they were very friendly and professional. The main reason however was because they only do family law and I wanted a firm that really know what they were doing.

Both Richard Ross and his associate worked closely with me throughout the case. I felt that they really understood what I was going through, including the personal and financial impact on all my family members. They were empathetic and sensitive to my needs and the needs of my family.

I was extremely happy with the end result. I continue to have 100% custody of my children. We just purchased our first home together. My children are doing very well in school. I would definitely use Richard Ross Associates again.

- Jerry Ruff