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At Richard Ross Associates, we offer the highest level of legal representation – and in divorce, experience and knowledge makes the difference. Our lead and founding attorney, Richard Ross, is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a Family Law Specialist. Few attorneys have dedicated the time and effort to receive this advanced credential. Our knowledge and insight into every aspect of family law is extremely high. Coupled with our extensive experience in court, in negotiating settlement agreements and in the collaborative law process, when you retain our services you will be represented by a true legal professional.

We understand how difficult it is to deal with the many issues involved in a divorce, which is not only a real financial concern, but emotionally draining. Your future financial health could be heavily impacted by the final decision. Our goal is to pursue the best possible settlement for our clients. As a divorce will include many important matters, from child custody to child support, as well as property division and issues related to spousal support, it is imperative that you have professional representation as early as possible.

Put a Team of Family Law Experts on Your Side

Our firm has access to highly respected professional resources such as forensic accountants, child health experts, and others that could be called upon to provide supporting evidence. Each marriage is unique with regard to the number of assets, the duration of the marriage, and the role each person played in the marriage. A full evaluation of the situation should take place as early as possible. If you are considering filing for divorce, our firm can advise you about how state law could impact your case, and what you could expect with regard to the critical matters of custody, visitation, spousal support, the family home, and the division of assets. In cases involving asset protection / high-asset divorce, these are extremely critical matters.

The firm can analyze your individual situation and offer counsel in the options for a reasonable resolution to be pursued in negotiations with the opposing attorney. We are well-connected in the legal community, and have a high level of ability in negotiating every detail of a divorce settlement. When a divorce can be resolved without a trial, it can be of benefit to you. Not only will the case be resolved more quickly, as both parties are involved in the process, the terms are more likely to be reasonable. Those cases that must be litigated will require a great insight and skill into how to best prepare and present the case for the client. We have extensive divorce trial experience, as well as in all other matters related to family law.

Contested Divorce in Agoura Hills

If you and your spouse are completely unable to come to a compromise, there is no option other than to take the case to court for a decision. The skill with which your case is presented to the court can be pivotal in the verdict, and all of the matters related to your children and finances. Cases that involve domestic violence must be carefully managed. The court makes decisions regarding child custody based upon what will be in the best interests of the children. When a child or the spouse has been the victim of domestic abuse, this will heavily impact the ability of the abuser to be in contact with the family.

A full documentation of the abuse, with expert opinions may be necessary, and it is not unusual for the fact of the abuse to be challenged by the opposing attorney. There are also cases in which the accusations of abuse are false, but must be handled with a great deal of skill. Any false accusations of abuse with the goal of influencing a court decision, once exposed, are not treated lightly by the court. If you are the victim of abuse, or have been falsely accused, our firm can help you manage this extremely critical point in your divorce proceedings.

Get Professional Representation for Your Family Law Matters

We advise you to seek counsel before moving forward with your divorce. An understanding of state law and how it could impact the outcome of your case is important. As a community property state, your financial health is a concern, and issues regarding support can be evaluated so you know what to expect. The duration of your marriage and the income earning capacity of each spouse are all points that must be analyzed and considered. We have the insight and skills you need on your side, whether the case will be resolved through the negotiation process, through the collaborative law process, or at trial.

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  • “I would not hesitate to, again, retain the legal services of Richard Ross.”

    - Richard C. M.
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    - Charles C. & family
  • “The entire staff at Richard Ross Associates really helped me through my divorce and they were with me the whole way.”

    - Jerry R.
  • “Richard has helped me through a very difficult divorce and I can't say enough good things about him.”

    - Caly W.
  • “Richard Ross is a subject matter expert in the field of family law.”

    - G.G.

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