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Searching for an Oxnard divorce lawyer with uncommon skills? At Richard Ross Associates, we have over 30 years of experience, both in negotiations and at trial. Our founder, attorney Richard Ross, is one of the few Board Certified Family Law Specialists in the area. His level of training and insight into every aspect of family law can be of great benefit to you if you are planning to divorce, whether uncontested or contested. Your rights and interests should be protected by an attorney with great insight into state law, and the various alternatives in arranging a settlement that makes sense.

Matters regarding child custody and child support, as well as property division and spousal support must all be resolved. These matters could be determined through the application of collaborative law, through negotiations, or in court. Avoiding litigation can save you time and money, but is not always possible, as one party may be unreasonable in his or her demands, and will not compromise. In either case, our firm provides professional representation. Every case is given the full attention of the firm, and clients are served on a personal, one-on-one basis.

Understanding the Divorce Process

State law regarding community property and access to children must be measured against the actual situation in your divorce. The process is begun by the filing of a divorce petition. The other party then files an "answer," which is his or her demands. At this point, an "order to show cause" can be filed which asks the court to make a decision regarding temporary custody of children and support that will be imposed over the period of getting the marriage dissolution finalized. If necessary, a restraining order can also be issued if there is a threat of domestic violence or abuse to one of the parties.

The process then moves forward to the discovery phase. During this period, there will be an exchange of documentation on all financial matters, including income, assets, debts, and expenses. Those marriages with children will require that the parents attend mediation. The mediator is appointed by the court, and issues a report to the court regarding his or her recommendations regarding child custody. In some cases, the process of mediation is not successful in sorting out child custody, and at that point the court will become involved, and these matters will be settled by a family law judge.

There are various options to resolve child custody and property division that will not require a trial. Our firm can pursue an alternative to trial as the first part of the process. If it is not possible to resolve the conflicts and matters in contention, the case will move forward and a trial will take place in family court. Family court is part of the Superior Court system, and addresses matters such as child custody, child support, divorce, legal separations, annulments, paternity, domestic violence and spousal support, as well as domestic partner support.

Hire an attorney with a high level of skill & experience.

Every divorce is different. Some are fairly simple, as the two parties have few assets and no children, or agree on these matters, and can get the divorce wrapped up quickly. Others involve asset protection / high-asset divorce issues, and are extremely complex. Marriages with a great number of assets, including business interests, bank accounts, stock accounts, retirement accounts, valuable works of art, multiple properties and other assets will be more complex to sort out. If both parties are willing to come to an agreement through negotiations or the collaborative law process, a trial can be avoided. If not, the court will make the decisions regarding the split of assets. Contact the firm for information about high net worth divorce. Our experience in this area can be of great value, and our litigation skills could be a significant factor in the final outcome at trial.

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    - Richard C. M.
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  • “The entire staff at Richard Ross Associates really helped me through my divorce and they were with me the whole way.”

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    - Caly W.
  • “Richard Ross is a subject matter expert in the field of family law.”

    - G.G.

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