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Filing for divorce in Woodland Hills? Call upon a specialist.

At Richard Ross Associates, we have qualifications beyond the usual. Richard Ross has 30 years of experience and is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist. This credential can only be gained through engaging in further education beyond what most family lawyers have done. Only a small percentage of attorneys are Board Certified. We believe that our experience and credentials make our firm better qualified to serve our clients, whether in divorce or in another family law matter.

If you are currently considering a divorce or separation, or are certain that your marriage must come to an end, contact our firm for information about the process, what you can expect, and how state law could impact your finances and custody of your children, as well as matters related to property division. Our firm offers individualized service, and will spend the time, energy and focus on your case that is necessary. Whether you are basically in good communication with your spouse, or you are involved in a bitter situation in which neither party is prepared to compromise, our firm can help.

Our Woodland Hills divorce lawyer will carefully evaluate the details of your case and advise you how to proceed. We can attempt to resolve the issues such as child custody, property division and spousal support with a non-adversarial approach by employing the processes in collaborative law. We can also engage with the opposing attorney to negotiate a resolution so that a trial can be avoided. This is not always possible, and if your case must be taken to court for a decision, we carefully prepare and are professional in our presentation of the facts that support the case for our client.

Family Law Attorney in Woodland Hills, CA

There are a number of legal issues that demand assistance from a qualified Woodland Hills family lawyer. Family law legal matters include issues such as establishing paternity, post-divorce decree matters such as a request for one parent to move-away, a petition to the court for a guardianship, a stepparent adoption or a modification to an existing court order, such as changing the amount of child support or other matter. We have decades of experience in all of these matters as well as many other family law issues, and can help you immediately. Divorce is a traumatic situation, even when the spouses are not involved in a terrible dispute.

Facing a future as a single person can be very stressful, and worrying about children and finances makes the situation even more difficult. In filing for divorce, you want to make sure that you have a legal professional working with you to guide you, and to help you avoid the pitfalls. There are definitely do's and don'ts if you are filing for divorce, and we do everything possible to protect your rights, and to help you to pursue a settlement that is fair and just. Each case is unique, and the situation must be evaluated to determine how to best move forward. If you are the victim of domestic violence, immediate action must be taken to gain the protection the law can offer. Any type of domestic violence is dangerous, and is likely to escalate.

Domestic Violence – Divorce and Protection Under the Law

If you are the victim of domestic violence, contact our firm so we can discuss your situation with you on a confidential basis, and help you to get a restraining order. If your spouse violates this order, an arrest will be made. There are also cases in which a person is falsely accused of domestic violence, and is now forced to defend against the accusation. As many of these cases are based upon the testimony of one person who claims the abuse is taking place, without firm facts to support the claim, whether police calls, testimony from witnesses or other data, these accusations can be challenged. It is important that action is taken at once, as unfortunately, being completely innocent is not enough.

When a spouse or former relationship partner makes false accusations of abuse with the goal of gaining an advantage in the divorce process, and these actions are proven to be an attempt to discredit the other person, a fine can be imposed and the court is likely to treat this matter very severely. Our firm can help in either case. No matter what family legal matter you are facing, we have the qualifications, training and experience to protect your rights and to fight for justice for you and your children. We take our duty to our clients extremely seriously, and we know how important the outcome will be. Our family law firm will work long hours in case preparation, with the goal of achieving a fair divorce settlement, or resolving your family law issue with the least amount of stress.

Contact us for more information about divorce in Woodland Hills, and to get an attorney in family law on your side.

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