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Children deserve to be as protected as possible when their parents choose to obtain a divorce. They should not have to suffer loss of one or both parents' support due to circumstances outside of their control, namely a divorce. To protect children from being entirely abandoned by their noncustodial parent, the court may choose to issue a child support order to ensure that the child is still supported by both parents. This also ensures that the custodial parent is not overly burdened by the financial effects of supporting their child alone when the other parent is able to provide support, as well.

Calculating Child Support in California

Each state has its own formula for calculating child support. In California, this formula is particularly complex. The approximate percentage of time that the custodial parent will spend with the child (H%) is added to 1 if H% is less than 50%, or subtracted from 2 if it is above 50%. The resulting number (K) is then subtracted from whichever of the following equations is applicable according to the supportive parent's total net disposable income (TN):

  • $0 - $800: 0.20 + TN / 16,000
  • $801 - $6,666: 0.25
  • $6,667 - $10,000: 0.10 + 1,000 / TN
  • Over $10,000: 0.12 + 800 / TN

The resulting number is the child support amount (CS). For multiple children, CS is multiplied according to the following:

  • 2 children: 1.6
  • 3 children: 2
  • 4 children: 2.3
  • 5 children: 2.5
  • 6 children: 2.625
  • 7 children: 2.75
  • 8 children: 2.813
  • 9 children: 2.844
  • 10 children: 2.86

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As you can see, it is extremely difficult to calculate child support. That is why you cannot hesitate to hire a knowledgeable and experienced Westlake Village child support attorney from the offices of Richard Ross Associates. Our firm will build the strongest possible case on your behalf and will ensure that the court treats you fairly when determining child support. We can also assist you in drafting your own child support agreement outside of the courtroom if you are pursuing an uncontested or collaborative divorce. Contact us to learn more.