Getting a Move Away Order for Child Custody in California

In family law, a custodial parent who wishes to move to another state can save themselves a lot of hassle and aggravation by seeking a move away order. Child custody in California allows a custodial parent to seek permission from the court in the event they plan to move away. This protects all the parties including the child, the noncustodial parent and the custodian.

Whereas a custodial parent may have a better job prospect or a chance to provide a better education for the child if they move out of state, the noncustodial parent can feel left out of their child's life. The best option is for the parents to come to a custody agreement prior to their court date. This might involve changing weekly visitation to summers and holidays when the child is out of school and capable of traveling. As long as the parents can come to an amenable solution for the well-being of their child, a judge will tend to favor the requests of the parents. Otherwise the judge will intervene and demm the court's best decision for the child regardless of the parents' desires.

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