How to Reply to Abusive Emails from Your Spouse During or After Divorce

When your divorce cannot be resolved in mediation and must go into litigation, it can turn your spouse into a cooperative party into an outright opponent. Under the pressure that litigation is “win or lose,” some divorcees take things too far and start sending abusive emails at every communication opportunity. If your spouse is spamming your inbox with abusive emails, or just getting overly aggressive when they have to communicate with you, what can you do to set things right?

Ways to Approach & Deal with Abusive Emails

First things first, you don’t need to reply to every single email that your spouse sends you during and after your divorce. If the information within the email is abusive and offers nothing else, then just ignore it. Or, at least, take some time to come up with a mature response that helps defuse the situation.

If you do need to reply to an abusive email because it is pertinent to your divorce proceeding, then you can always ask your divorce lawyer for help. Pretty much every day, a divorce lawyer sees people behaving their worst because they feel jilted or jaded. They can use that unfortunate insight to help you respond. Together, you can pick and choose what in the email should be addressed. For example, only talk only about what time the child custody exchange is set to occur, and ignore all the jabs about your personality your spouse might have dropped into the email.

It is also helpful to keep in mind that anything you send to your spouse during or after your divorce is effectively public record that can go before a family law judge. You should never respond in a way that conveys a feeling, tone, or message you wouldn’t want a judge to read in court.

Richard Ross Associates is Here to Help

Before you hit reply to that abusive email from your spouse, call 805.410.3407 Richard Ross Associates in Westlake Village. Our divorce attorneys would be happy to represent you during interactions with your spouse and guide you through your divorce as well. With a Certified Family Law Specialist leading our law firm, you can rest easy knowing we have the experience and legal insight to overcome any situation that comes your way. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services.

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