Income Gap and Changing Spousal Support Roles

Because of California's current economic situation, many formerly well paid men have found themselves in the unemployment line. This, combined with the gains women contrinue to make in breaking through the glass ceiling, have resulted in some unexpected consequences when it comes to divorce in California. Not surprisingly, this has led to many family law courts seeing an increase in the number of men requesting spousal support from their wives.

Because spousal support laws are gender-neutral, and courts consider each spouse's earning capacity regarding the maintenance of the marital standard of living, which spouse should be paying spousal support and how much, women in high-paying positions may be surprised if they end up in divorce proceedings and are faced with the changing spousal support roles.

The courts take into account a myriad of factors when considering spousal support, including the supported spouse's ability to protect their dependent children's interests and how it affects their ability to work outside the home. While they often view those caught by economic circumstances differently from a general lack of initiative, spousal support may be granted to a man who has grown accustomed to the lifestyle he was afforded by his wife's employment.

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