Three Reasons for Establishing Paternity

Whether you are the mother or the alleged father, there are many different reasons why you would, and should, establish the paternity of a newborn child.


Even if a father is unable or unwilling to take part in the child's life, paternity must be established if the mother decides to seek financial assistance of any kind - either from a government agency or if she decides to file a petition with the court for child support. The government agency, usually through the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) will attempt to collect support on behalf of the child, once paternity has been established, through a wage garnishment if necessary.

A child is only eligible to make an inheritance claim if paternity has been established. If a sizable inheritance is a possibility, it would be in the child's best interest for paternity to be legally established.

a man with paternity holds his child's hand and walks into the sunset


It's important for physicians treating a child to be aware of any family medical history, on both the mother and father's sides. If there is a hereditary illness it's possible it can be identified and treated faster when the child's whole medical history is known. Additionally, if the child is ever in need of a transplant, blood transfusion, or anything of the sort, having access to the father's medical records, and hopefully an entire extended family's, increases the child's chances in being successful in finding a donor match.


Even when a child's parents are no longer together romantically, huge benefits for the child are seen when the parents play an active role in the child's life, even if those roles are completely separate. Child custody and visitation isn't necessarily required, although financial support may be, but both the father and the child could benefit from forming a bond between the two. It also helps the child to form an identity, piecing together inherited traits from both the mother and the father.

You don't need to raise your child alone. At Richard Ross Associates, we are here to help you make sure you and your child's rights are protected and you're able to get the help that you need. Please contact us today with any questions regarding paternity, child support or child custody.

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