Will My Child's School Schedule Affect My Visitation

One of the items of primary concern when deciding upon child custody is visitation rights. Visitation rights can be extremely complex, but the important thing to remember is that they are flexible. Mediation will be held between both parents to determine what is both right for the child and right for the schedules of both the parents. To a certain extent, parents are intended to work together to iron out any details of a child's schedule to ensure that visitation can be met. However, a child's school schedule can make things difficult.

In certain cases, a child's school schedule can be altered if necessary to fulfill visitation rights. It is not unusual for a child to be granted a day off from school or to be allowed to leave early if this is the only time a parent can visit them. This is up to the parent. However, parents in this situation need to strongly ask themselves whether this is the best decision for their child. It may be better for parents to negotiate visitation times that will not affect a child's school schedule, which may be done with the intervention of a family law attorney to mediate between the sides.

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