What you CAN do With a Prenuptial Agreement

When you are getting married, it is usually a good idea to get a prenuptial agreement family law lawyer to create a document to help you in case a divorce occurs in the future.

By understanding what you can do with the agreement, it is easier to organize your future goals.

Avoiding Debts

Marriage often means that you are agreeing to take on your partner’s debts. While that might be appropriate during the marriage, being saddled with debts that occurred before the marriage after divorce can make it hard to get by financially. A prenuptial agreement can prevent you from facing that situation by keeping the debts separate.

Providing For Children

If you have children from a previous marriage or relationship, then the prenuptial agreement will ensure that child is treated fairly and obtains an equal share in personal property as other children.

Defining Property

In the case of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement will also determine who is getting which assets.

A prenuptial agreement is useful, even if you never need to talk to a divorce attorney in the future. To learn more about family law issues or agreements before marriage in the Westlake Village area, contact Richard Ross Associates.

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