Understand What A Family Law Contempt Action Means

In the world of family law, parents try to get the best outcome for their children’s rights even when the parents are going through a separation or divorce. This may include going to court for visitation rights, child support, paternity testing and other family matters. Once the court decides on the proper order to grant, both parents must obey this order so that their children receive the full amount of care they deserve.

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Unfortunately, some parents can become neglectful over their duties even when there is a court order in place. When this occurs, a family law contempt action may be placed against one parent for willfully disobeying a known court order. The action may be done in a civil or criminal court. Civil actions are sought when one parent wants corrective measures to be taken to force the other parent to obey the court order. Criminal actions are when the cited parent will be sentenced for jail time for each court order they ignored.

If you have been cited with a family law contempt action, you should seek out a Certified Family Law Specialist such as Richard Ross Associates who can give you the facts about the action and help with your defense in a court of law. For more information about family law contempt actions in the Ventura County and Los Angeles areas, please contact Richard Ross Associates at 805-777-1011.

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