Mediation Tips for your Divorce

When seeking mediation for your divorce, the best advice for you is to be prepared. Otherwise, your divorce could take much longer than anticipated as both sides struggle to come to negotiation, or mediation. Here are some mediation tips that you can follow to assist you in your divorce proceedings.

Start by hiring an experienced mediator who is skilled with divorce proceedings in the Los Angeles and Ventura County, California region. Once your mediation date has been set, take the time to organize your thoughts. Determine what you want out of the divorce, and seek advice from your mediator regarding what you can expect at the mediation. At the mediation, keep an open mind and an open ear; be flexible and listen to the requests of your soon-to-be former spouse. If you are losing your ability to get what you want, discuss increasing the size of the pie with your mediator. A strong mediator will be able to see beyond the scope of what's on the table, and thereby increase your likelihood of achieving more than you expected.

If you are searching for a mediator for your divorce, contact the offices of Richard Ross Associates, thepreferred family law offices of the Los Angeles area.

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