Domestic Violence and Family Law

One of the most important things to remember when divorce proceedings are taking place is the circumstances surrounding the event. You want to make sure, especially in a situation of domestic violence, that everyone is protected. Domestic violence and divorce is very common today, and when children are involved, that makes child custody battles even harder. You want to ensure the safety of everyone while being treated fairly in divorce proceedings.

That may be difficult if you do not have the sound advice or representation of an attorney. There are many families affected by domestic violence and the outcome is never a good thing. When in a domestic violence situation, it's best to get the law on your side, which will give your attorney a good amount of leveralge in which to negotiate settlements for distribution of assets and property. In these types of situations, having an attorney is an absolute necessity and is best for the family. Many times the children get caught into the middle of a situation and an attorney can handle those issues. For more detailed information and consultation on divorce and domestic violence situations in Southern California, contact Richard Ross Associates.

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