Understanding the Basics of Temporary Spousal Support

Getting a divorce in California may trigger a request for short-term financial support for one spouse, also known as temporary spousal support. The idea behind temporary support is to ensure that the supported spouse can maintain their standard of living within reason. Courts also recognize that it may not be possible for one person to support two households, and will adjust the support to reflect the reality of the situation.

During a California divorce, the court has guidelines to follow that help determine how much temporary spousal support to award. The court takes into consideration the income of the party that is to pay, and evaluates the applicant's needs. How much support is actually ordered depends on how much the payor can afford and how much money the supported spouse needs.

Temporary spousal support is considered and ordered while the divorce is in a pending state. A divorce is considered pending until a final judgment dissolving the marriage is issued. In essence, a request for support can be made at any time during the process, but a judge can order it to be retroactive to the date of filing. Ultimately, temporary support is just that: temporary. It ends when the divorce is final, and does not survive past that date.

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