Legal Custody Defined

Child custody cases can be very difficult, especially when there have to be boundaries established. There is a lot of confusion when delineating what child custody means, and understanding the terms of the ruling can help in moving forward:

  • Sole legal custody is when the court has given one parent the right to make all the decisions on behalf of the child in regards to their health, education and welfare.
  • Joint legal custody is when the court has given both parents equal rights in making decisions on the child's health, education and welfare. In most cases, the court issues joint legal custody so that both parents will be invoilved in the major decisions on behalf of the child.

Are there instances where joint custody is not feasible?

Absolutely. In situations where the parents are not able to communicate or work cooperatively in making sound decisions on behalf of the child, the court will choose one parent and award sole legal custody.

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