Is It Possible to Terminate Long Term Spousal Support?

It is not only possible to terminate long term spousal support orders, but it's typical to do so, as this support is not really intended to last forever. Although still sometimes called "permanent alimony", this term is a contemporary misnomer.

There was a time when most female spouses did not work or have their own professional careers. In these cases, long term spousal support continued at least until the supported spouse remarried. The word "permanent" had more relevance during part of the 20th century. A more accurate phrase for long term spousal support is "judgment support", since it is included in the final judgment for a California divorce.

Do not confuse this support with the temporary spousal support that is provided upon separation and during the divorce case. This support is predominately dependent on the individual incomes of each party and lasts only until the final judgment to dissolve the marriage.

California divorce laws provide that long term spousal support should continue until the supported spouse gains self-sufficiency. Upon supported spouses' gaining self-sufficiency via a job, career or income from assets involved in the property settlement agreement, the parties can a) agree to terminate the support, or b) one party can file a motion with the court asking to terminate the support.

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