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What is a Pendente Lite Child Custody Order?

What is a Pendente Lite hearing?

In Latin, Pendente Lite means “pending the litigation”, which means that a Pendente Lite hearing is a time where orders can be made regarding the matters of a divorce, even if the divorce is still pending. This allows the court to provide a measure of relief to a party while awaiting litigation.

In California, family law judges can issue a temporary child custody order known as a Pendente Lite Child Custody Order. Usually, a Pendente Lite order is issued at the beginning of a case and is often used to preserve the status quo. It's important to remember that these Pendente Lite child custody orders are temporary and usually remain in effect until the actual trial.

However, these temporary orders can be changed prior to the trial, and they can be changed without showing a "material change of circumstance". In other words, the burden of proof is much lower for these temporary Pendente Lite orders. Temporary orders are, of course, superseded by an actual judgment in the case, but having a permanent child custody order changed after the trial requires a considerable amount of supporting evidence.

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Determining Pendente Lite Custody Orders

As it is with all cases related to child custody, the courts' primary interest is to act on behalf of the best interest of the children involved. Family law courts have no interest, at all, in getting involved in any parental "tug-of-war" or in acting on what's best for either parent when it comes to child custody concerns.

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