Hire an Efficient Divorce Attorney in Newbury Park to Assist You during the Divorce Process

"We are all creatures of habit and change, no matter in what form or in what magnitude, we are still creatures of habit."

Choosing to terminate a marriage and start over is a huge change that sometimes becomes unavoidable. Even though the spouses mutually or unilaterally decide to divorce, and thereafter reach a divorce agreement, and choose to accept it, the emotional, mental and financial upheavals are taxing. As fellow human beings, our team of dedicated divorce attorneys at Richard Ross Associates understands the difficulties, intricacies and emotions involved in any divorce proceeding and seek to make things as simple and effortless for our clients as possible.

As attorney lawyers, it is our job to understand, empathize with and support our clients through the process, right from the initiation of the case.

Our team of divorce attorneys consists of empathetic individuals with the requisite training, certification, knowledge; expertise and experience which are needed to support you and see you through one of the most burdensome and complicated aspects of a divorce - the legal side of it.

Some of the work that we take on behalf of our clients is as follows:

  • We discuss the intricate details of the case with our clients to uncover all of the important facts in order to best analyze and strategize the legal issues in the best way possible to reach the desired goals and results of our clients. We talk about reasonable expectations. We discuss what financial resources are available to make sure we will be able to reach our stated goals. We will research the laws and cases relevant to our client's case.
  • A divorce is, besides many other things, a goal oriented process. We analyze with care the likelihood of achieving the related personal goals.
  • We also discuss the responsibilities of our clients and what expect from them in order for us to achieve the results they desire.
  • Filing summons and petitions at the most appropriate court is our responsibility.
  • We discuss mediation and collaborative family law as alternatives to traditional court litigation.
  • We represent our clients in either contested or uncontested divorce proceedings and during all legal discussions with the opposite party or his or her opposing legal counsel.
  • We assist our clients in gathering and preparing financial and legal information so that they can make the necessary financial disclosures to each other. We assist in exploring possible settlement of legal issues including but not limited to child custody, spousal and child support, division of assets. If the case cannot be settled, we represent our clients at trials or other court hearings.

If you or anybody you know is considering filing for a divorce or legal separation and feels lost regarding the choice of the best divorce attorney to represent you or your family or friend, you can contact us for consultation. Some of our qualities as a firm that makes us stand above our competition are as follows:

  • We treat each client and each case as unique
  • We believe that the key to most solutions lies within the finest details
  • Every divorce attorney in Newbury Park from our team is well aware of the heavy weight any divorce proceeding carries and treats each case with reverence
  • All of us chose to become divorce attorneys and have undergone rigorous training to obtain the theoretical and practical expertise because we are passionate about our stream of work
  • Attorney Richard Ross is a Certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the State Bar of California. To become a Certified Family Law Specialist, he had to take and pass a specialization written examination administered by the State Bar of California. He had to demonstrate experience in numerous trials, motions, and other areas of family law. He had to undergo peer review by his colleagues in the family law field. He has had to take continuing education courses far in excess of the continuing education required of a non-specialist. Richard Ross has been a Certified Family Law Specialist since 2002.
  • We believe in maintaining transparency through every step of the way and do not believe in over-promising.
  • We are committed to each case and spare no effort to achieve the goals of our clients.

We have experience and success with the work we do because our professional team enjoys our work and is committed and dedicated to improving the lives of our clients through successful outcomes. Contact the firm today!

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