Child Custody Advice for Fathers

Laden with the process of divorce, scores of fathers assume the burden of "giving up" their children. In ignorance of changes in family law, they unnecessarily throw aside "good cases" for child custody. In the wake of the loss of their children, they allow years to pass without entertaining the thought of the happiness and satisfaction of having full custody.

a man with custody holds his child's hand and walks into the sunset

What About the "Tender Years Doctrine"?

In many cases, fathers take such low aim for the same reason that other fathers never make the effort: the assumption of the old "tender years doctrine". The "tender years doctrine" instructs that the judges will always judge against separating small children from their mother.

Family law is changing in regard to this. While many judges still hold to the doctrine, there is a growing constituency of judges that will investigate and judge in the best interest of the child. Many fathers are taking cases for the "best interests of the child" to court. And, they are winning full custody.

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