Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Sometimes divorcing couples have the best intentions but cannot agree on important aspects of ending their marriage, particularly when children are involved. For many of them, it's wise to consider the benefits of divorce mediation before litigating.

Mediation can be beneficial in several ways. First is its ability to help preserve relationships. The process encourages maintaining a good relationship with your spouse and lowers the level of stress for your children. Spouses usually feel more satisfied after agreeing on solutions than when a judge mandates results.

Mediation is also less expensive in terms of cost and time. An average mediated California divorce costs around $5,000. Going to court, however, could cost at least three times that amount and take significantly more time.

Most couples who opt for mediation experience a higher overall satisfaction than that associated with litigation. They control the issues to be solved and a schedule for doing so. Mediation is private and confidential. If the process proves unsuccessful, you still have the option of litigating.

If you're considering a divorce in California or have questions about other aspects of family law, contact Richard Ross Associates for expert advice in the Westlake Village-Thousand Oaks area.

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