How Divorce Mediation Works

Simply put, divorce mediation allows the outcome of a divorce (or child custody) dispute to be controlled by the individuals involved in the dispute. It is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the litigation and arbitration processes whose outcomes are ultimately determined by a judge.

All that is discussed in mediation meetings remains confidential, and all parties involved in the mediation (including the mediator) must sign the written agreement. However, the ultimate goal of mediation is for both parties to negotiate fairly the terms of their divorce, including visitation rights, property division, child custody disputes, etc. These agreed-upon meeting times are not, in any way, a forum for nasty and unfruitful disputes among soon-to-be former spouses. Mediators often advise parties to consult with an attorney to review the final written agreement before it is officially recorded. The mediation process often requires multiple meetings, especially if multiple issues are being contended.

Mediation has proven as an effective method for reducing the time and stress involved in dissolving a marital union. Further, it promotes continued communication and cooperation between parties.

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