What Is The Mediation Process? - Part 1

The length of time it takes for a couple to complete divorce mediation can vary depending on the number and complexity of issues, however is the process is usually the same.

At the initial meeting, the mediator will explain to both parties how the mediation process works and ask both parties to sign a mediation agreement, signaling that they agree to the process and it's confidentiality. After the

two people shaking hands

ground rules are established, the mediator will work with both parties to identify which issues need to be settled during the mediation process. Any issues requiring further documentation, usually financial issues, will have to be handled at a later meeting, once the documentation has been obtained and has been provided to both parties and the mediator. In California any divorce process, including mediation, cannot be completed without proper and full disclosure of finances, assets and debts between both parties.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, the mediator works hard to make sure the environment in which the mediation takes place is comfortable and welcoming. A round table may be provided so that neither party is sitting in a way to make the other party feel uncomfortable. Refreshments may also be present. This puts the parties at ease and increases the likelihood of the parties reaching an agreement during this process.

It's important to remember that when starting mediation, both parties should go in with an open mind. This is not the time or place to try and get revenge on the other party or make them seem like a bad person in front of the mediator. Having motives in mind other than settlement will complicate the mediation process and possibly make it impossible.

Mediation can be a great way to avoid court when going through a divorce. If mediation might be an option for you, contact the experienced attorneys at Richard Ross Associates today.

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